Vineland Antiques Store
Vineland Antiques is a curated mélange of formal and country antiques, folk art, fine art, collectibles and statement pieces, eclectically displayed in Vineland’s 19th century General Store. From this page, you can virtually touch upon a number of pieces on offer. This is by no means the complete collection, but simply a sampling of the curiosities and treasures you’ll see when you visit us. Click through the photos and descriptions. Then, why not phone or email us should you have any questions about these items, or to inquire about other pieces currently in the shop? Of course, the best way to experience Vineland Antiques is to visit us. If you enjoy what you see in the photos, we encourage you to make the drive to Ontario’s Niagara Region. And after your antique adventure with us, you can also enjoy Niagara Falls, the area’s tender fruit farming heritage, the myriad farmer’s markets and roadside stands, and particularly our world-renowned vineyards and many wineries.