About Us

Vineland Antiques Store

Vineland Antiques is a curated mélange of formal and country antiques, folk art, fine art collectibles and statement pieces, eclectically displayed in Vineland’s 19th century General Store.

Susan Murphy has long appreciated antiques and vintage pieces, having grown up here in Niagara’s hotbed of Canadian history. Years ago, on her return from working in Riyadh, she was delighted to purchase the 18th century General Store heritage property in Vineland, Ontario – the area where she grew up. “In my travels and living abroad, I never got over feeling homesick for Niagara. I always came back! Then one day, without a fully-formed plan, I bought this property,” she says, continuing, “and I’ve had more fun with it and Vineland Antiques than anything else.”

Ten years on, it’s now a successful, family-run, multi-dealer shop, filled with antique and vintage curiosities across many genres. To see photos and descriptions from our range of treasures, please click here.

What will you see when you visit? As you ascend the steps and pass through the old double doors into Vineland Antiques, you’ll immediately appreciate the building itself, particularly if you enjoy a good old general store. Featuring the original tin ceilings, large wooden beams, hardwood floors, and traditional beadboard walls, this 19th century General Store is a singular expression of the area’s history. Even without the antiques, it’s a treasure in itself! But the antiques certainly complete the picture – for the serious collector, someone on a pleasant ‘vintage’ hunt, or even a couple on a romantic weekend jaunt into Niagara’s world renowned wine country. What will you find? Certainly, something to satisfy either a casual visit or a more serious search. As you walk through the shop, you’ll find hundreds of pieces beautifully displayed. You see, this is not a multi-dealer shop of individual disconnected ‘stalls.’ It’s a building stuffed – in a good way – with eye candy in a way you can comfortably view, touch, and savour each piece.

To learn more, give us a call at 905-562-9145, email us or visit the shop at 4227 Victoria Ave in Vineland. For detailed contact information including a map, please click here.